Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Day 7

Oh week one is done? Crazy town!

I finished my week off by taking the class of another trainee and she rocked it!

I think the main thing is I keep thinking how much we have to continuously learn from each other-the experience and knowledge of the world is immense.

I also finished this week off by running the stairs by my house...and oy vey. The good news is there was a starting point and I know the rest will come. One day at a time. Just like the challenge!

I was not feeling the stairs...but the best part wasn't doing it really but that watching the thoughts I was having from when I used to run them have completely 180ed. I used to run them and chide myself and today it was positive affirmations. And constant reminders to just breathe. Wild.

That's yoga for you! And a healthy mind is not something to turn a nose at.

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