Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 13

Day 13th. Wonderful, wonderful Monday!

So I thought I'd try to get to two classes today but really, one great flow class is better than two "not quite" connected classes.

Plus it's day 13th so I've got some time to make up that day I missed. Or not. It really isn't about the goal of 30 in 30. It's about recognizing habits, creating new space, and growing in the practice.

I realllly wasn't feeling a class for a few reasons but there is no real reason to have NO gone yesterday. There was time and I was able.

Ashley always leads wonderful classes. The energy in the room was pumping but no one felt like they were "pushing" themselves. It was a lot of listening to the body and just connecting with breathe. Once a few people do that it creates an energy pull in the the room and connects the people in the room in their practice just creating a great environment and reminder of the power of union.

Doesn't hurt that it's almost half way through the challenge now either.

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