Saturday, November 30, 2013

Every day learning

I think sometimes in our every day lives we really miss true opportunities to live to learn.

That's why this part of my Live to Learn project was so interesting to me. I was hired in early September in a new part time job that was out of my field and over my head because of that.

Working in communications is just part of me but working with finances, math, calculations, budgets...well, as we established numbers not my strength.


In this position I've been given opportunities to really grow. I've worked with graphic design, I've organized a successful event (in three weeks!), I've created a personal budget, I've written newsletters, edited chapters of a book, and been exposed to really great tactics to tackle any project.

I think the planning will be 100% useful in any job. It looks at things in a positive light. Obstacles become actions to complete. Goals provide motivation.

As well, it's neat to see how my mind reacts to working in unique, competent, and incompetent abilities. The way time flies while working with creativity, in editing, with graphic design. The satisfaction of transcribing an hour and half presentation and the sense of a true "break time" once it was complete, and the sense of dread when it comes to cold calling.

To learn tackle skills, practical skills, life skills while learning about myself is pretty much the best job opportunity I could have been given at this stage in my life.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Yoga for Seniors

So I took the first weekend of Yoga for Seniors in early October and was supposed to take the second weekend this weekend but with such a small enrollment it was cancelled. :(

The first weekend was a fairly practical approach. Lots of modifications for age, lots of modifications for mobility, balance, flexibility. It was interesting to see the approach from a non-Moksha view point and be led by a variety of teachers through poses.

It also really helped me solidify my trust in my knowledge as Moksha focuses on Accessibility and this really has become a part of my practice and my teaching. I knew how to use the wall, the chairs, blankets, bolsters, etc., to create poses for a variety of aging situations.

The best was that I was able to come back to my students at the Salvation Army and in the studio and be even more aware of the best pose for them.

That being said, I was super excited for Part 2. It was going to be a therapeutic approach with a focus on palliative care and bed yoga.

I will keep my eye on it for the next time it's offered. And what I learned from it being cancelled was that this is an area I truly care about-I want to be accessible in my teaching, I want to expand my knowledge for safe and effective practices and I want to continue to take additional trainings so that I can be the best teacher for the students who cross my path.  

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hit me with your best shot.

So studying for the GMAT...yikes!

From being completely underwhelmed to completely overwhelmed.

Literally, wanting to bang my head on the wall from ease and "are you kidding me people don't know that?" to wanting to bang my head on the wall from frustration and "are you kidding me, I don't know this???!?"

As predicted, the English portion-grammar, sentence correction, essays, etc., I got that. I know a "typical" essay is an intro, 3 arguments and an conclusion. I know how to pull out topics and how to make logical arguments.Deductive reasoning? No problem.

The quick sample test that was 5 questions and supposed to take 10 minutes. I did in 3 minutes and 7 seconds. That includes checking my answers. Of which I got one wrong. So ya know, take the time you have and that won't happen. Live and learn!

But the math, it's not that I don't understand it, it's that I do need to think harder about it, focus and concentrate. Which isn't bad at all! I've also been constantly using my English skills, every day, all the time, whereas math comes and goes.

I want to write early February so I have time to rewrite if need before applications are due but that gives me a good month to read and take sample tests.

Luckily,  my dad is an accountant and my mum a retired teacher (who studied math).

Pushing my brain makes it easier to find the relaxation in practice, in teaching, growing and evolving and finding my limits fully and completely.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Live to Learn

I've always fancied myself a lover of learning.

Yup. I was that nerd throwing her hand up in the air for every question in school. And yup, they were usually "right" in one way or another.

In University, I changed my tune a bit and the "scholars" bugged me. I have never been a huge fan of Classic Literature...and yet I'm an English Major. Even now, there are certain books I am drawn towards in that canon and certain ones (and authors *cough* Fielding *cough*) that I just cannot get into. SO I played devil's advocate. I was able to see the very valid points being made but could also see the flaws or holes in the arguments that could typically be overlooked by those who fully LOVED the novel, poem, etc., that all encompassing blindness that comes with passion.

So my live to learn project is going to get at the core of my love of learning-studying for the GMAT, as well as, a part of my life. Learning new skills and a new industry in a new job and growing my knowledge to teach with an additional training.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


So it is now November and I've been "not keeping" a gratitude journal for 6 days.

The best thing though is that even if I'm not writing things down in lists when my mind starts to jump to the negative-yes the thought is there BUT I can easily turn it into a positive. It's natural to go 'this sucks argh!" but now my "this sucks" have turned into "this may suck but I can't help the traffic so I'm going to be content moving slow-the world sometimes tells us when we need to slow down and look around" and then I see things I would have missed. Or when things are just challenging I  can look at those small things that brings a smile to my face regardless and once I acknowledge and send out that love I feel better and things "turn around."

I was skeptical but I do think this has helped to push my mind into a more peaceful state and because of that I know I have more to give back to my students and the world.

I truly believe that your life manifests your practice, but then your practice starts to manifest your life.