Saturday, November 16, 2013

Hit me with your best shot.

So studying for the GMAT...yikes!

From being completely underwhelmed to completely overwhelmed.

Literally, wanting to bang my head on the wall from ease and "are you kidding me people don't know that?" to wanting to bang my head on the wall from frustration and "are you kidding me, I don't know this???!?"

As predicted, the English portion-grammar, sentence correction, essays, etc., I got that. I know a "typical" essay is an intro, 3 arguments and an conclusion. I know how to pull out topics and how to make logical arguments.Deductive reasoning? No problem.

The quick sample test that was 5 questions and supposed to take 10 minutes. I did in 3 minutes and 7 seconds. That includes checking my answers. Of which I got one wrong. So ya know, take the time you have and that won't happen. Live and learn!

But the math, it's not that I don't understand it, it's that I do need to think harder about it, focus and concentrate. Which isn't bad at all! I've also been constantly using my English skills, every day, all the time, whereas math comes and goes.

I want to write early February so I have time to rewrite if need before applications are due but that gives me a good month to read and take sample tests.

Luckily,  my dad is an accountant and my mum a retired teacher (who studied math).

Pushing my brain makes it easier to find the relaxation in practice, in teaching, growing and evolving and finding my limits fully and completely.

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