Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Live Green

Trying to get these projects done and inspiration just sort of hit me for this one.

I should preface: This idea came to me while I was sprinting up the stairs by my house the day my Grandma went into the hospital and we had to let her go.

The stairs are in this beautiful tree covered and there used to be a waterfall section of Hamilton. They get a lot of traffic and it made me feel so sad when in my sprint I noticed the amount of garbage that had accumulated since my last use of the stairs.

My project? I'm going to clean the area and see if I can't enlist some friends and family to help.

I'll keep you all updated!

Love the earth-it takes care of you so make sure you take care of it!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Be Accessible

Another project for the distance portion of my training!

This is "Be Accessible."

I thought maybe this time I'd pull directly from the Moksha Pillars description.

THIS is how Moksha International describes the Be Accessible Pillar.

"We endeavor to be accessible in our language, yoga postures, and in the way we run our studios!

What the heck does that mean?  Basically, we believe that everyone can have access to yoga and everyone can walk into a Moksha studio and know right away that they belong - all religions, body types, injured bodies, all political views, crazy yoga outfits - you name it, you're welcome!   We create this accessible experience by using clear language to explain yoga, and clear modifications for both absolute beginners and seasoned practitioners. Whether you're a tree-hugging vegan or a corporate Type-A, we want you to feel like you've walked into your yoga-home.  Simple as that."

This wasn't going to be the project I did next-even though I was working on it(!)-and I am so very grateful  that I fell into this opportunity.

Arriving back from training, I got an avalanche of emails, from scheduling, to studio policies, to teacher updates, newsletters, congratulations, etc,. One of the emails included an opportunity to teach at an organization in Hamilton. Some of the teachers from Montreal training had taught there and were just finishing up. It was an opportunity to teach. That's how I saw this so I jumped.

And did not expect to learn SO much from my students in this small classes. I've learned to read bodies better, find appropriate modifications for certain body ailments, conditions, stresses, and just learned to find the joy in my students. I think that can be missed just how much they give back by letting us guide them.

This is all volunteer and I wouldn't change that. Bringing yoga to those who show such true passion and appreciation.

I missed one of my scheduled classes from a sudden day of just sickness. Feeling awful physically I wasn't able to be there for my students. And one of them emailed me to check in and tell me to feel better.

They are just amazing people and I am blessed to be able to bring them something, though I don't think it'll ever compare to what they've brought me.

Let's decolonize this thang!