Saturday, November 5, 2011

Remember, Remember The Fifth of November!

Today is November 5th, and it's been far too long since I wrote. That being said, It's Guy Fawkes day! Whoohoo The day we remember the Gunpowder plot where Guy tried to overthrow the king in Britain. I was a ninny in first year and headed home after a long day of field studies instead of hitting up some awesome bonfires BUT I've always remembered the 5th of November since. Good movies to watch today (if I wasn't working after school. Shhh I'm not writing this in class) include V for Vendetta (2008) and Guy Fawkes (1923). I would love to curl up with some tea and watch Vendetta tonight. Maybe in the near future! There really aren't any other movies out there which is a shame and a topic best for film tackles. . They look really good actually. I'd watch! Here's a YouTube Video for a quick run down of the history.
And a photo from the exhibit at The Tower of London. So, let's remember, remember the 5th of November today. Maybe we can learn something and create change in our own world by remembering the plot and passion.