Saturday, November 30, 2013

Every day learning

I think sometimes in our every day lives we really miss true opportunities to live to learn.

That's why this part of my Live to Learn project was so interesting to me. I was hired in early September in a new part time job that was out of my field and over my head because of that.

Working in communications is just part of me but working with finances, math, calculations, budgets...well, as we established numbers not my strength.


In this position I've been given opportunities to really grow. I've worked with graphic design, I've organized a successful event (in three weeks!), I've created a personal budget, I've written newsletters, edited chapters of a book, and been exposed to really great tactics to tackle any project.

I think the planning will be 100% useful in any job. It looks at things in a positive light. Obstacles become actions to complete. Goals provide motivation.

As well, it's neat to see how my mind reacts to working in unique, competent, and incompetent abilities. The way time flies while working with creativity, in editing, with graphic design. The satisfaction of transcribing an hour and half presentation and the sense of a true "break time" once it was complete, and the sense of dread when it comes to cold calling.

To learn tackle skills, practical skills, life skills while learning about myself is pretty much the best job opportunity I could have been given at this stage in my life.

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