Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Live Green (For Holiday Gifts)

So with the Holidays really coming at us now I know people are thinking about gifts. A big problem though is that most of the people in my life have everything they need. Really and truly. Food, shelter, heat.

And are settled into their homes or lives so finding that "perfect gift" gets harder and harder every year.

BUT I my approach this year and for the past few for some people was too figure out fun ways to bring sustainable and useful gifts to people. Also, finding ways to give experiences rather than "things."

I found these great bamboo utensils that my entire family (and myself!) are getting. The set comes with a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks and a container that has a clip attached so you can take them with you. Meaning to-go plastics are no longer needed. Meaning you have your own chop stocks and don't need to get them when you order sushi!

These are the ones I picked up and I'm so excited for people to unwrap...partly so I can use mine. ;) Also, not pricey! If you want something for a stocking these would be perfect!

Another way I found some great gifts was on Groupon (or Wagjag). The ability to give winery tours, snowmobile rides, hot air balloon rides, tea dates, etc., is at your finger tips.

For my brother-in-law I picked up a subscription to a monthly coffee club (3 months). So he'll sign up and receive samples of various coffees. He loves coffee and it's a neat idea for those "hard to buy" people. And yes, gifting a piece of paper is sort of lame SO I glass etched a container with  "COFFEE" on it, put the gift voucher inside and wrapped that! Voila! Neat gift ideas.

Another great idea is sites like Kiva, Oxfam, or Plan Canada where your gift becomes an opportunity for another human being to survive and create a beautiful life. My mum gets goats every year from my dad now. That's what Christmas is about isn't it?

If you want more local ideas, events like Memory Ball are fantastic gift ideas! Tickets for the event aren't on sale to the public til January 1st BUT if you want to gift a ticket for Christmas you can email info@memoryball.org and pick up a ticket as a gift!

OR if you'd like a ticket use one of these images on instagram or Facebook to let your loved ones know!

Whatever your gifting this year keep in mind the world and the person you're giving to. The best things we can give is our time and love.

Keep the holidays green!

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