Monday, November 25, 2013

Yoga for Seniors

So I took the first weekend of Yoga for Seniors in early October and was supposed to take the second weekend this weekend but with such a small enrollment it was cancelled. :(

The first weekend was a fairly practical approach. Lots of modifications for age, lots of modifications for mobility, balance, flexibility. It was interesting to see the approach from a non-Moksha view point and be led by a variety of teachers through poses.

It also really helped me solidify my trust in my knowledge as Moksha focuses on Accessibility and this really has become a part of my practice and my teaching. I knew how to use the wall, the chairs, blankets, bolsters, etc., to create poses for a variety of aging situations.

The best was that I was able to come back to my students at the Salvation Army and in the studio and be even more aware of the best pose for them.

That being said, I was super excited for Part 2. It was going to be a therapeutic approach with a focus on palliative care and bed yoga.

I will keep my eye on it for the next time it's offered. And what I learned from it being cancelled was that this is an area I truly care about-I want to be accessible in my teaching, I want to expand my knowledge for safe and effective practices and I want to continue to take additional trainings so that I can be the best teacher for the students who cross my path.  

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