Sunday, November 10, 2013

Live to Learn

I've always fancied myself a lover of learning.

Yup. I was that nerd throwing her hand up in the air for every question in school. And yup, they were usually "right" in one way or another.

In University, I changed my tune a bit and the "scholars" bugged me. I have never been a huge fan of Classic Literature...and yet I'm an English Major. Even now, there are certain books I am drawn towards in that canon and certain ones (and authors *cough* Fielding *cough*) that I just cannot get into. SO I played devil's advocate. I was able to see the very valid points being made but could also see the flaws or holes in the arguments that could typically be overlooked by those who fully LOVED the novel, poem, etc., that all encompassing blindness that comes with passion.

So my live to learn project is going to get at the core of my love of learning-studying for the GMAT, as well as, a part of my life. Learning new skills and a new industry in a new job and growing my knowledge to teach with an additional training.

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