Wednesday, November 6, 2013


So it is now November and I've been "not keeping" a gratitude journal for 6 days.

The best thing though is that even if I'm not writing things down in lists when my mind starts to jump to the negative-yes the thought is there BUT I can easily turn it into a positive. It's natural to go 'this sucks argh!" but now my "this sucks" have turned into "this may suck but I can't help the traffic so I'm going to be content moving slow-the world sometimes tells us when we need to slow down and look around" and then I see things I would have missed. Or when things are just challenging I  can look at those small things that brings a smile to my face regardless and once I acknowledge and send out that love I feel better and things "turn around."

I was skeptical but I do think this has helped to push my mind into a more peaceful state and because of that I know I have more to give back to my students and the world.

I truly believe that your life manifests your practice, but then your practice starts to manifest your life.

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