Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Endings

Really this is just the beginning, I go to sleep, I think about this list throughout my day and THAT is something I'm grateful for. Pulling me back into the moment and seeing the goodness around me-even if it's a learning experience that can be the most beneficial.

So today I'm grateful for...
1. Be Peace
2. The distance learning portion of my training
3. Halloween. The ability to be creative and powerful.
4. The joy of carving pumpkins
5. Seeing children dressed up and excited for life
6. Candles in jack-o-lanterns
7. Working as a team to set up the Food4Kids event
8. Creating pitches for the play
9.Listening to my body and heading to bed at a decent hour
10.Appreciating the weather for what it is.
11. Tasty dinner
12. Milk for when tasty dinner was tooooo spicy
13.Live blogging with the rest of the TVD fandom
14.My parents safe arrival to their trip destination
15. My heart-literally and figuratively

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