Thursday, October 17, 2013

Homecoming for insight

Sometimes you need a mini-escape to reconnect.

Today I'm grateful for...
1. My mum and her effort to help when I need it
2. My parents overarching generosity
3. Teaching a class full of beginners, reigniting my cues and why I come to the mat
4. New "moon" lights at the studio
5. Being able to let go of those pet peeves through breathe
6. Tears of joy
7. Using my brain to study for the GMAT
8. Being met by friends Skyping with friends
9. Inexpensive taxi rides
10. Drinks with friends
11.Cuddling with TWO cats at once!
12. Letting myself feel the sadness of missing Shrimpy
13. Down pours
14. Reconnecting with friends
15. Cozy blankets for sleeping

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