Wednesday, May 1, 2013

30 Day Challenge and Grow Your Yoga

Day 1 of my second 30 day challenge and the first day of Grow Your Yoga and I am unable to take a class. EEP!

Not how I wanted to start this challenge but sometimes plans go awry and having hands that are swollen to twice their size (down from yesterday's 4xs their size) would make a host of poses very inaccessible. PLUS, the body rash/hives do not respond well to heat.

BUT it's only day 1 and for week one of Grow Your Yoga focusing on "Be Healthy" I feel I really need to respect my body and listen to it.

This month is going to be one to reconnect with my body fully and completely. Listening to it's needs and moving forward in my practice.

Maybe going to class and just laying in savasana would be okay...

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