Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 4

I'm still never sure when I should just go and practice and when I need to just be. Sit with the thoughts I'm having and have been putting off thinking about in order to create change.

I know about 98.5% of the time going will make me feel better overall but sometimes that 1.5% can just make it all worst. And it happens! The days when you just can't stop the thoughts, just acknowledge them in class but let them keep moving because you are so connected to your breathe.

And it's just that fear I'm still working through so today I didn't practice-partly because I slept through the classes I felt good about attending and partly because YogaMix is so far over my head it freaks me out and partly because I needed to face the thoughts I usually let go to be able to create change and move forward.

Tomorrow is an exciting day of the challenge. There is a Challenger's only Hands-On Adjustment class and I get to help with the adjustments! Then take two classes to make up for today. ;)

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