Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 5

What a day, day five was!

Sleeping was not my friend last night so I woke up feeling not so well but figured hydration and the hot room would be a great cure!

SO I helped with the 30 Day Challenge Hands on Adjustment class and the experience was amazing. Just watching the bodies, creating small adjustments in the Challenger postures and making that connection with each person who attended. Wow!

.llllllllllllllllll-Bobbin wanted to say hi!

I am very glad I asked to be one of the adjusters and it was a fantastic learning experience from every angle.

Also, Ted was right, when needed the knowledge we have would surface.

I then took the class after. Moksha Music. Yoga and music. It's a titillating combination and my savasana was excellent. I may have had to stop myself from snoring once or twice too. ;)

But the class I was both dreading and excited about (to catch up for Day 5!) was SSU. I have been avoiding SSUs since I got back from training. I'm not really sure why but I feel the "If you are avoiding the pose, you need it most" statement applies to this class too. It's a challenge for "advanced" yogis. The calmness, the stillness, slowing life down and not having to focus completely on the breathe means those tricky thoughts are easier to stick.

It happened a a few times but the funny thing? You do still lose your breathe in SSU and paying attention, reconnecting to that breathe, means those thoughts can float back outside the hot room until practice is done.

I teach tomorrow so that'll be awesome. :)

See you in the hot room!

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