Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What if there is no "fix"

I've been trying to figure a lot of things out lately and these thoughts came to mind while at work tonight. I won't get be able to reproduce them exactly how I thought them but I'm going to give it a go.

The whole world took part in the "It Gets Better" campaign a while back after that surge in teenage suicides. But what if it doesn't "get better". Realistically. What if it doesn't.

People can change things about their lives but I truly don't believe they can change the innermost part of themselves. So what if, some people are just born to feel things harder, to be surrounded by sadness, to be high strung, what about those people. They don't have terrible lives or have had terrible things happen to them. What if they come from a "normal" family but just got lost in the shuffle, not neglected per say not ignored but just lost. They didn't get the same amount of hugs or the same amount of "I love yous" or the same amount of "You keep going kid, we've got your back" because for whatever reason their parents didn't realize how important those moments were. And because of this people thought the child was just "really independent" and "mature for their age" thus speeding up the process and ignoring childhood needs to be able to laugh and play without any sort of worry.

The combination between a sad nature and an offhand nurture could mean that there is no "fix" -no getting better- for that person.

Or maybe the fact that I don't believe in medicating individuals because they are "sad" means that I don't see a fix. I don't think medication fixes anything. I think it's a band-aid fix.

I appreciated the union, the community, the support of the videos,blogs, and online movements that said "things get better" but I never believe in it. I think sometimes things just don't get better. Things can't get better. People can't be better. We've created such a world that people are desperate for touch and connection of any kind but are unable to feel that connection and touch because of jadedness, hurt, distrust.

Our world is too broken for things to "get better". We need to heal the planet and the people on it before things can actually get better. We need to learn to trust again. We need to fucking share what we have and not worry so much about money. In a world so connected, so globalized I've never seen so many lost people.

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