Friday, March 11, 2011

Planning Summer "looks"

So I would like Spring/Summer to arrive for various reasons. I love winter and snow but I also have a fear of commitment so I couldn't do snow forever! I also am beginning to feel very bogged down and want to be fresh and airy. This applies to life life and fashion life.

SO I bought Franco Sarto's espadrilles-style Cannes- in red! Adorable! And I may have also justified this purchase because I bought a black and white polka dot bandeau bikini from Aqua La Vie en Rose. Very Retro inspired. Very Marilyn essentially.

They will look super chic together! And then I can add a giant floppy hat to complete the look! Eee!!! Or I can wear the espadrilles with cute shorts and a tank while walking in I don't know PARIS...okay so Paris isn't confirmed but I could! Cobblestones eat your heart out.

Just for reference.

Bikini top looks like this:

And the Franco Sarto's

So come on Spring!

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