Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Funtimes to Clean Up

Oh hey epic trip to Kingston was epic, but not as epic as it should have been had I photographed more of it. I didn't even get a picture of me and my Leprechaun costume!! That is no fun but alas, when you are having fun sometimes pictures aren't first priority.

That being said the walks, talks, cuddles and tasty treats really made me remember and realize I should have been there this past year. Alas, I cannot turn back time so continue to move forward. But moving forward means cleaning, purging and downsizing.

I took a full suitcase for 2.5 days. And this is what it has turned into since coming back.

And yes that is a Lord of The Rings poster on my bedroom door.

I need to go and try to clean that all up. Or well probably after Criminal Minds. Ya know? Priorities.

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