Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And the day continues!

I am home now, updating normally, I tried to just edit my post but posting from my Android cell makes it awkward to edit so I figured it was easier to just create a new post. ;)

My day at work did not so much as improve but get significantly worse and then go back to just regular "one of those days."

However, now drinking tea and watching MASH my heart has stopped hurting so badly and I am just tired.

I am also in awe of the the superstars I am surrounded by in my life. My one friend is rocking it in the publishing world. Doing the accelerated program at Ryerson, an internship, lots of job applications and now one of two members of a department, heading to book events each week and just being a superstar in general. Then I just found out another one is going back to Queen's to do her PhD. SERIOUSLY. I am in awe. But not even those who did more schooling after undergrad but my best friend who jumped into a job for experience and is taking off to Vancouver (where I will meet up with her later) and has a job interview with CHUM.

Now, if I didn't love these girls I'd probably hate them. ;) But I know they all work so hard and I know they give me hope for where I can go. Awesome people usually surround other awesome people. Or I just lucked out completely. ;)

This is life after undergrad!

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