Sunday, March 6, 2011


So apparently a proper "blog" covers one topic. Hockey, Football, Sewing, Fashion, Whatever. I've never been one for following rules...or rather following unnecessary rules so my topic is going to be "life".

If I were to try and lock down my blog "topic" it would rotate between cats-or more specifically my Shrimpy-, tea, and fashion.

Shrimpy is such a character. My little cat-dog-human makes me smile like no one else has ever been able to. He knows when I'm not feeling well before I do and then stays with me until I feel better.

I drink tea daily and in buckets. The calming and purifying affect brings me a sense of calm the same way Shrimp curling up on my bed giving my blankets an extra weight makes me calm.

And fashion, well, to say that I read Vogue or fashion blogs would be a lie but that doesn't mean I don't know my stuff. I've said it for years that I'm ahead of my time when it comes to fashion. Like in grade 9 when I wore flowers in my hair, got made fun of, and then in grade 11 that was "SO FASHIONABLE" or when Polka Dots made their come back. I never gave them up. Most of my "go to" clothes are polka dotted.

That's why when I bought Emus last year my world nearly collapsed. Or trying on "jeggings' made me cringe. Now in my defense Emus are like slippers and I am on my feet so much that I can have ugly fashion for comfort every once in a while. So should I splurge and buy some Uggs??? The cute sweater ones? Or should I use that 100 dollars for a mala necklace? The conundrums of life!

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  1. Necklace! Definitely the necklace. Alos, just for the record, I see nothing wrong with a blog about miscellany.