Wednesday, March 16, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

So I am gearing up for my second favourite holiday (first being Halloween...hello candy and costumes...) and if you know holidays at all then my intro isn't needed. It is the day Catholics, Protestants and Alcohol Lovers alike cherish the wonderful St. Patrick. Usually Catholics and Alcohol Lovers being one and the same....

My Irish roots shine through during the celebration on March 17th. My first year of University when I took off with some of the best people ever to Dublin cannot be beat. Drunken shopping? An entire city in a street party? Fabulous. Not to mention my increasingly green attire that was packed in a single backpack for the occasion.

I did however miss my family's annual St. Patrick's day meal. Homemade sour dough bread (originally made by my stupendous brother and Paternal Grandmother), Corned beef, and potatoes being on the menu. It is a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable time. Maybe it's the Guinness, Kileney or Jameson consumption but it's probably my favourite time to spend with my family. Or maybe it's that my one sister usually never showed up...perhaps a bit of both. No drama, good food, good drink, good chatter.

This year my mum has made Guinness Brownies for dessert which we are going to sample soon. Both semi-sweet chocolate, white chocolate, and Guinness mixed to perfection (hopefully!) and about a days worth of calories in one serving.

BUT this year, as I am not able to be in Dublin and I am in Hamilton where nothing really occurs. Ever. I am taking off for my lovely Alma Mater city-Kingston- where I shall dress as a least for photos...and see all my lovelies I have been missing. I don't even know if/where we'll get into. I arrive approx. 6pm and potentially have started to drink on the train. Haha.

All I know is that I laugh when I think of this once "Catholic" holiday being celebrated by copious amounts of (green)beer and liquor...although it may sum up Catholicism better than Christmas or Easter. Haha. Constraint usually results in some pretty epic letting go.

I leave you with the anatomy of Guinness and my wishful thinking that I will one day be a Guinness Factory Oompa Loompa but as my wonderful Ange of The Miss Bennets stated "with less orange and more sexy."

Enjoy the Craic tomorrow! And everyday...

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