Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Wonderous Commute

I've been a bit quieter than I would have liked so here I am doing any update about my commute. I live in Vancouver but go to school in Surrey, round trip time approximately 50 minutes from my door to the classroom. However, let's keep in mind I went to Queen's ISC for my first year where I lived in a bubble of 5 minutes from everywhere "on campus" and then lived a 5 minute walk across a park in Kingston from Campus. And well, driving in Hamilton was always fairly quick. So this commute, takes a lot out of me, but it also gives a lot back. I can get work done during the commute and when I can't. Well, when I can't, I still get to ride home watching the fog, the mountains, the ocean, and right now, the fall colours moving around me. And now some of the photos I've taken while enjoying the Skytrain.
"Commuting from New York to Hollywood to do this show gets more interesting every week. Before I used to think the country was just New York on one end and Los Angeles on the other, with sand and mountains in the middle." ~ Bill Cullen

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