Monday, June 3, 2013


Second visit with Grandpa today and I didn't stay very long.

It well as a visit can go at this point?

He was having a good day Saturday. Today, he didn't know who I was, he kept picking at his skin and seemed annoyed.

So I sat with him for 10-15 minutes, gave him a kiss, and then left him to just be.

It was easier to force myself to get there but not easy to go inside, not easy to see my delightful and hilarious Grandfather so sombre and uncertain, and not easy to hear him say he didn't know me and I wasn't his granddaughter.

But none of that is his fault and he still deserves all the love, time and attention he gave to me.

I won't be able to get there for the next few days but Friday it's on my list. Hopefully, he'll be having a good day but regardless I'll be there.

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