Thursday, June 20, 2013

Future Wheel of Life

This is what I’d like my Wheel to look like:

Before I jump into sections to prevent repetitiveness NOTHING is at a 10, for me, I need that room to “grow” and change and adjust and even if I listed something as a 10 I’d have something I want to change or readjust. So no 10s is just me being realistic about life and my view on life. If everything was an 8 I’d be pumped because I’d have room to grow, there would be no ‘perfection’ but life would rock!

So Career is rated at an 8 in my “ideal” Wheel. I’d be doing what I love, what I’m good at, and still have time to rock out instructing students. There would be room to be creative and give feedback and maybe be promoted within the company. And the company would appreciate the work I do.

Finances are funny because I’d be happy sitting at a 7. My friends always tell me I sell myself short in regards to how much I’d be happy living off but it’s true. I don’t need 3 million dollars a year to be happy and live the life I want. I’d love my finances to cover the cost of living, allowing for savings and me to do things I enjoy. I don’t mind budgeting and I don’t need brand names to enrich my life because they are just things and money is just money-necessary but not the food that fuels the soul.

Health is rated the highest on this scale at a 9. I want to find that healthy weight for me, sort out my food intolerances, keep practicing and understand that there are going to be colds and coughs and sniffles that occur in life. If I’m at my most healthy I can tackle the world.

Romance is listed as a 7 but again this isn’t even a priority for me at the moment so when it IS-a 7. I want time to do my own things and am not ready to fall in love-so when I have time, dating and enjoying what “Romance” has to offer would be great but I don’t want it as a life changer yet and this is my Wheel as I see and want my life to be as a 25 year old. Not as a 30 year old, 35 year old, etc .

Personal Growth I would love to be at 7, giving SO MUCH ROOM to continue to discover and grow. I don’t need to “find myself” but to keep finding aspects of myself would be awesome.

Environment in my ideal is an 8. I’d have my own place, own space, afford to furnish and decorate and express myself, while bringing in the food that makes and keeps me healthy and maybe another cat to keep Bobbin company. :D

Recreation is still a 6. I’m quite happy with where I’m at in how much I do, what I do, and just continuing to say yes, explore and hang with friends when it works out (maybe doing things that cost more once and a while). This is good for my personality and me overall.

And last, Friends and Family I’d love to be an 8. There are relationships I want to fix, that need to be changed and unfortunately they are two-sided and I can only provide one side of them so this may never happen and it’s an 8 because there is always going to be “stuff” that I can’t control in this aspect of my life and fights/misunderstandings are a given but having friends and family I know love and support me whole heartedly is 10 no matter the scale and other “stuff” that will affect that scale.

And that about covers it! Lots to work on but slow and steady it won’t happen overnight.

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