Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I got crafty!

So I found The Pineneedle Collective blog just before Valentine's Day and wanted to make their DIY heart tights. But with time and energy running short I didn't get around to it until yesterday.

At which point I had decided I didn't want to do hearts, boo hearts and love!

Originally my idea was to write BELIEVE down the back of my right leg and I hadn't figured out what to use as a shape...hearts could have worked then. Turns out I'm not very patient or spatially inept so my trying to make stencils for BELIEVE was a failure and the ones I found at the dollar store were too small. :(

I had figured out I wanted to use stars as my shape I made two stencils one big and one small and did the front first...the stencils weren't staying very well. Too many points? Anyway, it sort of ended up very free-style which meant I figured I'd freestyle the back as well. BELIEVE ended up being to big for how I thought it would fit so I did "Wish" instead.

Here is the result of trying to get my crafty back with all my supplies still at home.

But out of limitations comes creativity.
                                                   -Debbie Allen 

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