Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Eleven Eleven Make a Wish!

I'm not sure when I learned that when you "catch" 11:11 on the clock you make a wish, but ever since I've been the girl who yells "Eleven Eleven Make a Wish!" where ever I am as loud as (socially) possible.

I then close my eyes and wish. I repeat over and over again for that  minute, 30 seconds, 10 seconds, however long I've been blessed to catch the moment for what I want most at that time.

Oddly enough, this has worked more than once for me. On different ventures-love, career, creativity, etc. Now, whether it's the magic of 11:11 or just knowing what I want and focusing on getting it. I still get excited when I catch the clock.

Apparently there are some crazy theories based around 11:11 but quite frankly, at this time, my brain cannot start to work through the scientific mumbo jumbo behind it! Luckily I have found a YouTube video that breaks it down a bit. Enjoy!

                                                                Be as you wish to seem.

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