Monday, July 11, 2011

Yogini Don't Got No Problems.

While in Kingston I was introduced to Bikram's Hot Yoga. A 90-min yoga class completed in a heated room. I fell in love.

However, due to money (and excuses) I only went to classes once a week when the money was donated to charity-so the cost was reduced.

Unfortunately, my fourth year became too busy for me to continue to practice. Between classes, work, and synchronized swimming (usually 4 times a day) there just wasn't room to fit yoga in.

Moving home I tried to find a Bikram's Yoga to restart my practice. The problem lay in the fact that Hamilton was not yet "up to date" on these practices when I was looking and fear got in my way of trying something new and different. (Kathleen is pretty good at sticking to things she knows...though she is trying to break this habit)

There were a few "hot" yoga places but nothing really got me excited. Then out of the blue? I'm not even sure how I found it but I discovered Moksha Yoga Hamilton in May.

Signing up for one month unlimited to get me started, I wasn't sold the first couple times. It is calmer and more serene than Bikram's yoga. Which is what I was used to. The classes also range in length. So walking out of the 60 minute class I felt a bit "ripped" off so to speak.

Then something changed. I let go of the expectations I had and stopped comparing. This isn't just exercise but it's living in the moment, breathing out the negative, finding your intention for an hour, for a day, for a week, for your life, and it's moving with that breathe to get you where you want to be.

Unfortunately, I got pretty sick for a while and missed out on the last week or so of my monthly pass. But I had planned to continue and resigned up for their Summer Unlimited package despite leaving in August.

I've now gone to yoga 8 days straight, tomorrow will make 9 and even though some days I do "better" than others in regards to the postures I stop worrying and focus on my breathing. So long as I'm giving 110% of the energy I have THAT day, I feel good about my practice.

The series is similar and different from Bikram's but I take it as it is. I try to slow my movements and take my time getting into the postures, being aware of my entire body and when things get tough...wait for it..wait for it...getting back in touch with my...wait...wait...breathe!

I'm trying to take this breathe approach with life. I'm also trying to soak up everything the Yogini's tell me about postures and yoga. I also love when they correct my postures. I like knowing my practice isn't "perfect" but it's me.

Standing Tree.

Time to get ready to Shavasana. ;) (See what I did there??)

Namaste [The God/Goddess Spirit within me recognizes and honors the God/Goddess Spirit within you.]

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