Sunday, April 17, 2011

Those moments that make you smile...

As I discovered fairly quickly, living at home means that I have to report to someone again and means that I gain weight. Tasty treats are right on hand...and if they aren't usually Dad is willing to go get them if you make a passing comment. SIGH. Yes, I live a hard life.

But in all seriousness, I have put on a few pounds that really need to come off. I've been working on it and constantly exercised since being home but sometimes when stress abounds so do the pounds! I've finally gotten to lower my stress enough my hormones are chilling out and I'm getting back to feeling "decent" which is excellent!

I think part of this progress is that I can get a few sets of stairs in each week now that it is warming up. The cold air actually hurts my chest and so not enjoyable. I like enjoyable workouts, it means I'll keep doing them.

This all leads to me doing the stairs Saturday afternoon and running into an older man (okay, he was probably "old") with a a cane on them, slowly walking up. I figured he had just done some stuff downtown or was heading to something up on the mountain. But no! He was walking the stairs for fun! He had his cane and the stairs are metal with holes in them so not the most forgiving but he just kept on trucking. It really made me smile.

Food for thought...

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